“Have you ever noticed that you behave differently in your office, at home, in social interplay, in solitude, at church, or as a member of a political party?” — Roberto Assagioli

An example of psychosynthesis counselling in action…

If stress, trauma, anxiety, depression or loss have figured in your life, you may well benefit from a place to take some time-out... to get back on a front foot again in these challenging times.

One way of exploring psychosynthesis counselling in action is to discover how these behaviours or architypes have found themselves to be part of you as a whole and when they become triggered. Some might be very useful while others may have been causing problems for example. As your personal story unfolds in the counselling sessions, together we can give them a voice to be seen and heard, making sense of their purpose and meaning to you.

By exploring different behaviour patterns in a safe and confidential environment it’s possible to discover so much more about ourselves:

why we get triggered into certain actions and behaviours, why that life goal always seems to lie just out of reach, or why we suffer pain and crisis, given the environmental conditions or family system we have found ourselves exposed to.

By mapping and exploring these different parts of our inner self, expressed outwardly in different behaviours through interpersonal relationships we may be able to start to understand more fully why we act the way we do…and make choices to bring about change.

As part of that process it’s often helpful to give names to the different behaviours identified such as, the pleaser, the rebel, the critic, the judge, the healer, the church mouse, the extrovert and so on to assist in getting to know them more fully. Understanding them: their behaviours, wants, needs and qualities it helps to make sense of their presence. In this way we might also learn which behaviours work well together and in harmony while discovering which are in conflict and need attention.

For example, conflicting interests may be found between “the church mouse” and “the extrovert”

If these two could come into relationship with each other in a more meaningful way than perhaps has been experienced historically, self-esteem and confidence may be improved.

…so that phone call that’s been put off to a family member for so long can be made, or having that difficult conversation with the feisty boss in a more purposeful way, or just being able to be seen and heard when talking to your partner or spouse, telling them how much you appreciate and love them!

Working in this way can help bring together the many different behaviours and qualities that each aspect possesses singularly to give us more choice and outcomes to the many different life events we face on a daily basis.

The next step forward & services offered

Visiting my website may already mean you have made the decision to take the next step forward... so I would be very pleased to hear from you by phone or email and would be very happy to have an initial conversation or meet with you to explore whether we can work together and if I can offer the support and help you’re looking for.

My counselling service is on an individual basis for adults and young adults (16+) and can be: on a personal, face to face basis at either Wantage or Chilton Village (including walk and talk therapy sessions from my home location); or by, video link, mobile or landline phone by mutual agreement.

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